Here's How You Can invest in crypto tron

Here’s How You Can Be a Part of Crypto Tron

Thailand is a key financial center for the Southeast Asian region. It has taken a more liberal attitude towards blockchain technology and it is well-positioned to benefit from startups like Crypto Tron as it continues to develop.

Crypto Tron is based on the proven platform of the Tron network. We aim for it to be the most sophisticated, feature-rich platform in the crypto space – with exchange, payment and shopping all under the same roof. Our online shopping system will compete with existing sources, such as eBay and Amazon or even others like Etsy. Transactions will be possible using both crypto and fiat currencies, as seamlessly as we can make it. We are seeking contributors specifically so we can acquire all the licenses required to operate in line with regulations. The number one goal of this project is to remain within legal requirements so we can be a bridge between crypto and traditional currency for the real world.

In this guide, we will tell you more about our token sale and IEO You can fund more information about the project itself, at Crypto Tron’s official website:

Stages of Contribution 

According to our roadmap , the first half of year 2020 the company has opened the private and pre-contribution phases.  Crypto Tron  invites all willing participants to go through the white paper and other documents and do due diligence before participating in any contribution phase. 

Crypto Tron  will use the funds raised from these two stages of contribution to cover development costs, obtain all the necessary licenses, financing IEO on the major exchanges and begin marketing. The funds will also enable the project to stay on track with the activities lined up for this year, which include the development of the  exchange first and foremost.  In these two contribution phases, Crypto Tron is accepting cryptocurrencies BTC, TRX and ETH, as well as fiat currencies USD, EUR, and THB. 

In return for participating in the Crypto Tron contribution,  contributors will receive CTE tokens, which be set to a rate at 500TRX per 1 CTE at opening.


Crypto Tron Token (CTE)

Say hello to CTE , the official TRC-20 token of Crypto Tron. Built on the proven code base of the Tron network, CTE will offer users more favorable fees for Crypto Tron services throughout our platform. Pay commissions and fees and also make purchases as well as from our member vendors on Crypto Tron Shop. Save up to 70% on trading fees with CTE on Crypto Tron Exchange. Merchants who pay their commissions using CTE will save up another 30%. CTE token will be traded on several exchanges, including some of the top 10 in crypto space. Only 7 million CTE tokens will be issued in total, 80% of which will be offered for contributors. 

 CTE will not be diluted by oversupply or huge bounties or airdrops. All tokens sold during the private contribution and precontribution phases will be locked, for 24 and 12 months respectively.  Crypto Tron will do everything in our power to maintain a stable price for the CTE token. We estimate that by the time the lock is lifted, our operations will be large enough that our company will be able to withstand letting CTE float freely on exchanges with reasonable volume. We believe by that point we will receive enough in fees that we will be able to gradually accumulate and absorb shifts in supply and demand.

Private Contribution Crypto Tron  has already opened  the private contribution phase and will continue running it until the end of Q3 2020. In the start of this phase there were 2,000,000 CTE tokens and the supply is almost gone. All tokens purchased during this phase will be locked for 24 months. 


There are two ways to contribute during the private contribution phase:

and participants will get an additional 60% bonus. Register now for direct participation  

and participants will get an additional 50% bonus.  Register now for indirect participate 

A direct contributor can be a marketer (person or a group) who can recruit others to participate in indirect contribution of the Crypto Tron project. That person or group will receive 10% of the contributions raised. If you would like to be  a private-contribution marketer please email us.



This phase is also open and will continue running till end of Q3 2020. There were 500,000 CTE at the beginning of this phase. 
All these tokens will be locked for 12 months.

Participants will require a minimum of $500 to contribute and they will receive an extra 20% bonus.


IEO Public Contribution

This phase will start in the end of Q3 2020 with 3,000,000 CTE tokens in supply. Crypto Tron will release all the tokens immediately, and minimum required contribution for this phase is $50. 


Additional Benefits For Contributors

During the private contribution phase 
In addition to the bonus tokens, contributors will be able to trade for free till the end of 2021, either as a customer or as a retailer. Crypto projects will receive free listing on the exchange , pairing with the CTE or/and with TRX, and they will not be subject to the minimum monthly traffic requirement till the end of 2021.

during the pre-contribution phase
All contributors, who contribute during pre-contribution for at least:

– 100 CTE can trade on our platform for free until the end of 2021 as a customer.

– 500 CTE can trade on our platform for free until the end of 2021 as a retailer.

– 1000 CTE, can list coin/token on our exchange free and they are not subject to the minimum monthly traffic volume requirement on our exchange till the end of 2021.

during the public contribution phase 
In this phase we will randomly choose 50 lucky winners, who will receive an additional 10%  bonus for their contribution.


What happens if the contribution won’t be successful?

All Contributions into the Crypto Tron Exchange and Shop project are final. Any price and/or other amounts contributed into the Crypto Tron Exchange and Shop project are nonrefundable, unless a soft cap is not reached. In this case, the contributions will be refunded as it is written in  contribution agreement.

How do I contribute to this project? 

You can register hereunder: 

  • To contribute DIRECTLY in thePRIVATE CONTRIBUTION phase.
  • To contribute INDIRECTLY in the PRIVATE CONTRIBUTION  phase.
  • From both links you can also access to contribute in the ‘’ PRE CONTRIBUTION‘’ phase.
  1. Register yourself.
  2. Write down your password and user ID.
  3. On your profile fill out the KYC form. Wait for the Crypto Tron Team to verify your identity (takes up to 24hrs).
  4. On the dashboard choose the currency which you will contribute,  enter the amount inside,  you can easily see how much CTE you will get. Enter your wallet address from where you will send your cryptocurrency. Then choose where you want to receive CTE tokens. If you already have a Tron wallet, then insert your Tron wallet address. After you apply to contribute you will receive an address where to send your crypto, or you will see a bank account to send fiat contributions.

Buy CTE tron token

Final Word

Crypto Tron is a major opportunity for crypto investors. As a rapidly emerging market, Southeast Asia has great potential to grow with the rise of cryptocurrency. With our advanced solutions and a fully licensed platform equipped for both crypto and traditional currencies, Crypto Tron has incredible potential. It is further supported by a highly experienced team of seasoned crypto developers and marketers that have been involved since the early days of crypto. Always do your due diligence and be aware of your risk tolerance before deciding to contribute. Do not contribute anything you cannot afford to lose. Be sure to read all documents, including the contribution agreement, the whitepaper and roadmap. If you need more information, check our website at You can also email us with questions at any time.

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