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About Crypto Tron

Crypto Tron will be Thailand’s newest and most advanced crypto company
with a highly advanced crypto exchange and a modern crypto retail platform, 
both fully functional with cash in/cash out features.

We chose that name because we support the Tron network.
Our policy of free listing for all Tron tokens (within our listing criteria) is meant to show that to the quality projects
being developed with Tron as a base. Many Tron projects are not able to list at top exchanges – for the simple
reason that Tron is not listed yet – let alone tokens. Commonly listing fees are also exorbitant.

This harms new projects looking for participating buyers and sellers. We’ve bypassed that by specifically
designing our platform and our utility token on the Tron network. CTE, our proprietary token will be significantly
limited in supply and will act as a check on overinflated tokens. All of our policies are explicitly intended to benefit
our customers and secure the best interests of everyone using our platform. We hope to become a factor in
the stability of the Tron network and a supporter of its growth in the future.

We support the Tron network because it is a model of decentralized development that frees up wasted resources
by giving people the opportunity to buildwhat they want while still maintaining a common goal – which is to
promote independence, decentralization and stability.

Yes. The company is based in the Kingdom of Thailand under the name CT ONLINE SERVICES (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.
under Company registration number = 0445562000624.
-Our corporate documentation is available here.

110 Village 5, Nong Kung,  Choen Chom.
Maha Sarakham, 44160. Thailand.

Being based in Kingdom of Thailand is excellent as Thailand is one of the few countries to have adopted
all the necessary crypto regulations in 2019, including issuing security tokens for which we will also obtained
a license, both for trading with STO and for issuing the STO. This provides certainty and additional protection
for users because many competing exchanges work in a legal gray area and this exposes users to great risks.
Crypto Tron is committed to work with relevant authorities including the Bank of Thailand, the Securities and
Exchange Commission and the Thai Board of Investment to uphold the law and maintain maximum quality
of service for our users.

Crypto Tron is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary licenses from all relevant authorities including
the Bank of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Thai Board of Investment.This is in order
to ensure that Crypto Tron will become Thailand’s first legally-established crypto exchange and retail platform.
While we both welcome and support decentralization we understand why centralization is sometimes needed
to allow customers to know who they’re dealing with. Crypto Tron is proud to tell you who is behind our project.

CEO – Co-Founder Piyanut Wonglakhon

COO – Co-Founder Denis Lukavackic

Business Developer – Robert Gazvoda

Chief Legal Officer – Pongsakorn Sitthisamarn

Legal Advisor – Ignac Lesar

Chief Project Officer – Muddasar Ali

Blockchain Developer – Žiga Željko

IT Engineer – Damir Hajdič

Security Advisor – Peter Diversion

+42 other members

You can send us an e-mail at:

Yes. We are looking for members of our Marketing Team and Community Managers for every language group and nationality.

About Crypto Tron Registration

You can sign up at :

You can become an early contributor to the Crypto Tron Project and receive great benefits from holding CTE tokens.
 For more information, about contribution conditions and benefits click to read below:

Our privacy policy goes into detail explaining how and where are stored, protected and who
has access to your data. We get this data from your visits and activity on
Read about it here :

What are cookies and why do I need to accept them?
Cookies are small files generated by your web browser to customize your experience according to your settings
on your system and to ensure you’re getting the best quality service we require their use. It is expected that if you
use our platform you will permit the use of cookies.Our Cookie Policy explains further how Crypto Tron, uses cookies
and similar technologies when you visit our websites located at or any other url address
we own or operate. Read about our Cookie Policy here :

We have the latest online security tools and Crypto Tron only authorizes persons to access to your information
for legitimate purposes in line with what is authorized by law.

Yes. We can deliver to you your details upon request but it will require multiple working days.

About Risks and Security

Crypto Tron is a private limited company duly registered and existing under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand
with the company number 0445562000624. The laws of the Kingdom of Thailand will apply for all activities
on the Crypto Tron platforms.

Crypto Tron platforms will be continuously verified by third-party cyber security companies. Crypto Tron’s CTE
smart contract will be verified by Kaspersky Lab. We are determined to protect our customers from all manner
of security threats facing crypto platforms and we will continuously bring in outside parties to verify that we are
using the latest techniques and maximize the possibility of blocking out threats.

There is always risk, however we urge you to read the contribution agrrement.
The company will accept all security procedures and do everything in its power to prevent losses from stealings.
We welcome you to make your own decision after doing your own research.

No all tokens in pre-contribution and private-contribution are locked! There are no undocumented coin holders
(also known as bag holders) in our project. We are assuring all investors that the funds you put in will go directly
to acquiring the licenses needed to open our exchange and to begin offering our customers service.

Crypto Tron wants to make sure there are no design errors, no vulnerabilities or any un-documented features
within a smart contract which can affect and present risk on execution, success and security of the project.
Our smart contract code will be reviewed by KASPERSKY.COM

Crypto Tron Shop and Exchange platforms will be secured by independent cyber security providers with the latest
possible techniques and best practices to ensure maximum safety for our customers and partners on our platform.
You can rest assured that we will continuously update our platform to conform to the newest requirements of the
cryptocurrency industry and maintain the best possible environment for all users.

Smart Contract : Our smart contract code for the CTE token will be reviewed by KASPERSKY.COM
Exchange platform : Exchange platform will be verified by an independent cyber security company.
Shop platform : Shop platform will be verified by an independent cyber security company.

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a type of multi-factor authentication. It is a method of
confirming users’ claimed identities by using a combination of two different factors: 1) something they know, 2)
something they have, or 3) something they are. 2fa is an extra layer of security and is required to use on
Crypto Tron platforms.

KYC is an abbreviation for Know Your Customer which has become a legal standard worldwide
for most crypto exchanges to combat money laundering and prevent criminal activity in the crypto space.
KYC is often confused with AML which is anti-money laundering. At Crypto Tron both KYC and AML will be
required as part of the registration process because Thailand is very determined to prevent crypto from
becoming a source for unseemly elements to avoid legal checks inadvertently protecting criminals.

Cold storage (cold wallets) means generating and storing the crypto coin’s private keys
in an offline environment, away from the internet.

About Contribution

You can sign up here. Or find the registration button at website

1. Register with Crypto Tron at:

2. Write down your password and user ID.

3. After you have successfully registered an account with us, you should receive an email soon, detailing your Crypto Tron user ID. The Crypto Tron user ID pertaining to your wallet with nine digits.

4. On your profile submit the KYC form. Wait till the Team verified your identity (takes up to 24hr). Know Your Customer regulations require us to have the front and back of your national ID card or a passport, and a selfie holding your national ID card/passport with a note that says “Crypto Tron”. Make sure you write the date on the note also. We also need a bill or a bank statement verifying your address that is no older than three months.

5. Once you’ve completed verification, feel free to contribute to the development of Crypto Tron. On the dashboard choose the currency which you will contribute, and enter the amount, then you can see how much CTE you will get. Enter your wallet address from where you will send your cryptocurrency. Then choose where you want to receive CTE tokens. If you choose a Tron wallet, then insert your Tron wallet address. After you apply to contribute you will get an address where to send your crypto, or you will get a bank account for contributing in fiat.

The contribution agreement is an online agreement between contributor and Crypto Tron.
You can read it here.

After your registration is confirmed you have option in your dashboard to contribute to the Crypto Tron Project.

All contributions for private-contribution must be done through Crypto Tron platform.

Know Your Customer verification will always be conducted for every contributor in all stages.
The opening private contribution stage is primarily aimed at Accredited investors
who have reviewed the Crypto Tron project and understand its purpose.

All contributions for pre-contribution will be done through Crypto Tron or on platforms of authorized third parties.

KYC identity verification is a prerequisite for contribution.

Private-contribution is primarily aimed at Accredited contributors who have reviewed the Crypto Tron Exchange and Shop
project and understand its purpose.

The minimum contribution required for direct contributors in the private-contribution stage is $50,000
a Bundled Marketer will be any person who recruits others to contribute in to the Crypto Tron Exchange and Shop project that
person or group will receive 10% of the contributions raised.

The minimum contribution required for Bundled Marketers’ contributions
in the private-contribution stage is $100,000.
(marketer’s contribution + all indirect contribution)
The minimum contribution for an indirect contributor as part of a marketer’s bundle during the private-contribution is $5000.

The minimum contribution of $500 is for pre-contributions.

During the public contribution stage, the minimum contribution will be only $50.

All contributors, who contribute in private-contribution can:
– trade on our platform for free till the end of 2022 as a customer.
– trade on our platform for free till the end of 2022 as a retailer.
– list coin/token on our exchange cheaper and they are not subject to the minimum monthly traffic.
volume requirement on our exchange till the end of 2022.

All contributors, who contribute in pre-contribution at least for:
-100 CTE , can trade on our platform for free till the end of 2022 as a customer.
-500 CTE , can trade on our platform for free till the end of 2022 as a retailer.
-1000 CTE, can list coin/token on our exchange cheaper and are not subject to the minimum monthly traffic.
volume requirement on our exchange till the end of 2022.

Refund of contribution:
All Contributions into the Crypto Tron exchange and shop project are final.
Any price and/or other amounts contributed into the Crypto Tron exchange and shop project are nonrefundable,
unless a soft cap is not reached. In this case, the contributions will be refunded as it is written in contribution agreement.

Accepted currencies for contribution are: USD, EUR, THB, BTC, TRX, ETH

Bonus: up to 60%.
Direct contributor get 60% bonus
Indirect contributor get 50% bonus and the marketer who brings those indirect contributors through a
referral link will get 10% from raised contributions.
All bonus is in tokens and they are all locked for 24 month.

Bonus: up to 20%.

All bonus is in tokens and they are all locked for 12 month.

50 lucky wallets will be chosen at random to receive 10% off discount.

CTE tokens will be locked for 24 months.

CTE tokens will be locked for 12 months.

Yes, and they are locked for 24 months.

No they are not. Tokens purchased during the public contribution round will be available immediately.

Crypto Tron is under no obligation to reimburse or in any other way compensate any Tokens to which
contributor has lost access because off sending them to wrong address. Contributor understands and accepts
that in the event that Contributor is no longer in possession of Contributor’s device or any private keys associated
with Contributor and utilized in connection with Contributor’s Tokens, Contributor may lose all of Contributor’s Tokens.
Furthermore the contributor accepts full responsibility for securing their own tokens.

About Crypto Tron Exchange

Crypto Tron Exchange will bring cryptocurrencies and Tron assets to the masses, through highly usable and a
well-designed user interface. Crypto Tron Exchange will be a modern crypto exchange, easy to master even for
beginners but also will features advanced functionality for professional traders alongside with CASH-IN & CASH-OUT in FIAT.
The exchange is friendly and useful for Tron community, as we will list most of Tron tokens for FREE.

A Modern Trading Experience
Crypto Tron’s trading platform is designed to dynamically change, move and save the layout individually according to the user’s preference. Review orders easily and place future conditional orders according to what you think the market will do. Use our interactive graph and added tools like PalmaBot for technical analysis. Continuously use your future conditional orders. There will also be multilingual chat options.

Crypto Tron will have a transparent wallet. Track the value of your portfolio. See the price change based on the currency you select, for the last 24 hours, up to the past month. View your balance for each coin for any period of time. Use our analytical tools to see how your portfolio is doing in graphic form. Use your 24 word recovery code to reclaim your wallet whenever you need. With Crypto Tron you are always secured.

Historical Records
See all your trades starting from the very beginning of your account. Choose the display you want and keep track of withdrawals, deposits and payments from your account. See any trading pairs whether one at a time or multiple. Keep track of when you make withdrawals or payments from your wallet. You have the option to add additional notes as a reminder if you need to see them later. We’re here to help you comply with your nation’s tax laws.

Sub-accounts and internal transfers
Use your Crypto Tron account to instantly transfer between your bank cards, credit cards and crypto. Send between Crypto Tron Accounts easily to save on fees. Privately trade with other Crypto Tron members if you like. We put your wealth in your hands.

Platform Security
Crypto Tron will hold the vast majority of funds inside cold wallets not exposed to potential for hackers. We will require use of two step authentication and white listing of wallet addresses for payouts to prevent potential for loss or robbery. Additional confirmations for withdrawals will be an option. Support will be available in multiple languages whenever needed 24 hours a day.

Crypto Tron will have a groundbreaking system allowing our users to seek arbitrage opportunities throughout crypto markets with up to 35 linked exchanges including Binance. Track winning traders and stack more sats. See graphs, check prices and find the latest news on your favorite coins.

PalmaBot is an extremely fast multi-exchange trading bot which can process
250,000 data points per second. Its workflow is faster than any application.
PalmaBot can be used on more than 20 exchanges currently and typically
PalmaBot can alert users to price changes even before it is seen on the exchange.
What makes PalmaBot unique to Crypto Tron is that Crypto Tron Exchange will
integrate it directly into the user experience in a way no other exchange has.

Markets we offer : USD, EUR, THB, BTC, ETH, TRX, CTE

Trading fee is 0,2% for seller, buyer fee is 0%.
Transaction fees on Crypto Tron Exchange paid with CTE are up to 70% lower than with other currencies.

After your registration is confirmed, you will have the option on your dashboard to apply
for list a coin or token on Crypto Tron Exchange.

We are committed to providing our users with a wide range of carefully selected crypto asset in a transparent ethical environment.
Conditions to list a coin or token are:
-Founder/legitimate representative of coin/token has to complete know your customer verification.
-Project must have a website and block explorer.
-Tell us what your project is about in the form of a description.
-You must provide verification that your concept is legal and acceptable to list on our website.
Typically this will require a legal memo from a practicing lawyer however at our own discretion
we reserve the right to waive that if a project is already on its face legitimate and functioning.
-All listed projects must have developers attached to them willing to respond if there is a problem that may require us to call on support
-Your chain must be working and capable of moving on and off the exchange at all times.
-There must be interest to trade your coin.

In the event a project does not meet not any of these conditions we reserve the right to delist that coin/token
as soon as we find it practical for our customers.  We will not list any token which cannot meet these requirements.

We will list all good projects where is great team behind, a working team and great purpose of the project.

Listing TRON tokens (TRC10, TRC20) pairing with CTE and TRX is FREE, for other pairs is 0.1 BTC

Yes. Listing other coins and tokens:

Pairing with CTE = FREE

Pairing with TRX = 0.1 BTC

Pairing with BTC and ETH = 0.2 BTC

Other pairs = 0.5 BTC

Crypto Tron Exchange will operate according to all applicable regulations, set by the
Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
and the Bank of Thailand (BOT). It will be maximally secure compared to most exchanges as most
customer funds will be held in cold wallets and exchange platform will be reviewed by Kaspersky Lab.
This decision limits access to potential threats and minimizes risks to customers in today’s
cryptocurrency market. Crypto Tron Exchange is the only exchange, with over 10 advanced
trading tools, a transparent user interface and a unified wallet for both Exchange and Shop platforms.

About Crypto Tron Shop

Crypto Tron Shop will be a flexible online retail service that allows sales of all types
including business-to-business (B2B) as well as B2C (business to customer), customer to customer,
affiliate based marketing and drop shipping. Crypto Tron Shop will be highly adaptable for selling
of a wide variety of products and services so anyone, anywhere can sell anything they want to anyone
who may need it worldwide. Crypto Tron Shop will open doors for small businesses to sell to customers
all over the world accepting a wide variety of cryptos and international currencies of all types.
The long-term effect of this will be significantly more sales worldwide to many more places with much
faster receipt of payment and secure access to new markets. All backed by crypto and the fiat currencies
that Crypto Tron offers.

Sell Anything
Crypto Tron Shop is for individuals and businesses whether big or small. Whether you sell physical products, digital products or services online you can sell with ease and peace of mind.

Buy Anything
Crypto Tron Shop will bring you a wide variety of choices, and make it possible for you to find products you like and use easily. With a diverse group of sellers, we will truly be a buyer’s market.

Pay Seamlessly
Payments can be made directly from the trading account, through debit or credit cards, and using your own crypto wallet. Automatically convert your crypto to cash, or spend your cash to get crypto.

Retail Security
Crypto Tron Shop will verify everyone on the platform whether buyers or sellers to protect users on both sides. You’ll be able to track shipping and if you have a problem, our support is here to help. Have a dispute? We will arbitrate it and remove bad actors to ensure a safe and positive environment for everyone.

Reasonable Fees
Buyers will use the platform free of charge. Sellers on the other hand will have fees of anywhere from 1 to 5% depending on sales volume. This is a sliding scale and at its highest level is still less than one-third the amount charged by other well-known sales platforms. The more you sell the less you pay. That’s the Crypto Tron way.

At Crypto Tron Shop we will allow users to dropship products from our platform or market our partners as an affiliate. Advertising materials will be available for use, too. You can also earn by using the Crypto Tron Shop application. Pay your commissions and save 70% using CTE token versus other cryptocurrencies.

You can buy and sell products of all types (within legality)
you can take funds earned via either crypto or fiat
you can exchange instantly from crypto to fiat
you can receive a payment in crypto currency and give to customer bill i a fiat currency
you can offer discounts or sales at your own discretion
you can rate buyers or sellers
you can seek assistance as a buyer or seller from Crypto Tron in the event of a problem
you can contact sellers and ask questions
your user dashboard will keep track of all your sales and the fiat value of same for easier accounting

Absolutely none. Fees are only paid by sellers.

Commissions on the shop are paying only the seller. Commission is up to 5%.
The annual membership fee ranges from $ 0 to $ 500 and depends on the volume of sales.
Paying those fees with CTE token saves buyers 30% compared to using other options at Crypto Tron Shop.

Register here. After your registration is confirmed you can apply to become a merchant for free.

Conditions to become a merchant:
-Full KYC verification.
-Detailed of ownership.
-Website of company.
-You must have a street address registered to your company and you must tell us what it is. No exceptions.
-Accurate statement of turnover via internet sales.

Crypto Tron Shop will have seamless, easy access between cryptocurrencies and fiat and will
operate according to all applicable regulations, set by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI),
the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bank of Thailand (BOT)
with reasonable fees and speed – on both Exchange and Shop platforms. You’ll be able to use
any crypto listed to purchase from any of our vendors. If you’re a vendor, you will have immediate
access to the value of the coins you receive so you’ll be able to immediately translate your sales
to the funds. All customers and vendors will be verified by KYC to ensure top security and maintain
best practices. Our platform will have everything you need to sell your products and have the flexibility
to adapt to your situation. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a dropshipper or a brick-and-mortar store
we will have options to serve you. Commissions and fees will be very reasonable. What will make us
unique in this industry is the usability of our services and our dedication to quality for both buyers and sellers.

About Crypto Tron Exchange Token

CTE Token is designed to offer more favorable fees for Crypto Tron services on exchange and for paying
commissions on Crypto Tron shop, as well as for purchasing third party products and services at Crypto Tron
shop. Paying trading fees with CTE on exchange is 70% lower than payment in other currencies. Payment of
commissions at a shop with CTE is 30% cheaper than payment with other currencies. Shopping with CTE at
the Crypto Tron Shop will be additionally rewarded.

TRC‌-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain for implementing tokens with the
TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). It is fully compatible to ERC‌-20.

TRC-10 is a technical token standard supported by the TRON blockchain natively.

Max token supply: 7,000,000 CTE.

The Crypto Tron Cares Fund is a charitable effort by Crypto Tron funded by 20% of all fees paid with CTE token
on Crypto Tron Exchange. We will use it to support charitable funds and positive breakthroughs by people
around the world. It will also be accounted for entirely via the Tron blockchain.

We will use the Tron blockchain so that our users can see everything happening with the token over time.
The supply is limited to 7 million total permanently so our users can be assured that the supply will never change.
This protects against inflation.

Private contribution: 2,000,000 CTE
all tokens are locked for 24 months,
min. contribute = 50,000$
Bonus: up to 60%

Pre contribution: 500,000 CTE + Bonus 20%
all tokens are locked for 12 months
min. contribute = 500$
Bonus: 20%

Public contribution: 3,000,000 CTE
all tokens are immediately released
min. contribute = 50$
50x Lucky wallet prize: Bonus 10%

Soft cap: $3,000,000
Basic development
legal registration
with all licenses

Hard cap: $30,000,000
Further development
Develop of Crypto Tron
Develop App for IOS
Develop App for ANDROID

Team & Partners: 1,400,000 CTE
All tokens are locked for 24 months

Exchange rate: 1CTE = 500TRX.

Register here.
After proper identity verification is completed you will have the option in your dashboard
to contribute to Crypto Tron and receive your bonus reward.

CTE Token is designed to offer significantly lower fees for Crypto Tron services on our exchange
as well as purchasing from our partners on Crypto Tron Shop. Paying trading fees with CTE on
Crypto Tron Exchange is 70% lower than payment in other alternatives. Payment of commissions
at a shop with CTE is 30% cheaper than payment with other currencies. Shopping for products or
services with CTE will bring additional rewards.

A smart contract, also known as a cryptocontract , is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain conditions.

To prevent rapid swings in price and allow CTE to naturally find a zone of support.
This will enable us to attract new partners to use CTE as a form of payment – by
assuring them a stable long-term price and maintaining real value for our contributors.

CTE tokens are locked during private-contribution for 24 months and during pre-contribution for 12 months.
During the public contribution stage CTE tokens are released immediately.

About Crypto Tron Documents and Links

Is your issue not shown here?

If you have a problem or any question about our services, you can send e-mail to us at :